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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Working day...

Working days went awry. Hand ache, back pain, muscle pain. I know I am such pain in the ass. I grumble everything. God, I am dog tired. Today I remained standing around the clock for 8 hours grooming mutt which is really killing me. Believe me, that is my hourly paid part time job. ~ KNN

Returned home, was thinking to finished my remaining birthday cake which to my amaze; the bananas on the inner layer (cake) were rotten black. It totally messed up the whole cake. Very disappointing indeed. Throw out the cake, looked at the stove. Staring at the stove grumbling about eating, wind up hubby is the one who masak instant noodle for me ,ohoho…Morale of the story No. 1 . Do not keep cake refrigerate for too long. No.2 I am thankful I got food to eat. No.3. I am damn lucky to have my man. No. 4 Always have instant noodle at home, convenience for lazy bum like me.

I got distracted while blogging. Hubby is watching Land of the Lost starring Will Ferrell. Will, a scientist and 2 of his entourage spat to a weird futuristic mix fantasy place. They met a primate and funny things happened throughout their search for their lost machine. I love the part when they hallucinate. Will was eaten by a T- Rex then got pooped out. A giant Alaskan crab fell and returned cooked all of a sudden.Too much information, you got to watch this wacko loony movie.

Land of the Lost (1974 TV series)Image via Wikipedia

Will Ferrell screams for joyImage by zonalpony via Flickr

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  1. adui.. u arr.. "malas" dao....

  2. mana u refer saya malas ah ?? kalau masauk tu tak aper lah bagi lah orang sayang gue. hehehe..


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