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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

7th July 2009

I got my “cue that I am getting old” day today. Urghh….I am comparing my photos and checking in the mirror if there are any new wrinkles. How will I look like when I reached 40?? Yikes…

The night before, 2 am in the morning David, hubby and I went for errr….. Supper or breakfast. I don’t know how you describe that. We went for Szechwan delicacies. I like a few dishes there especially the “Mala pig stomach:” Other dishes are just too piquant and peppery for me. Imagine having a heavy meal before going to bed hehe… It reminds me few years ago I had Bak Kut Teh in the middle of the night before going to bed. We kind of had that happen quite regularly. Friends will wake us up for Bak Kut Teh. Well that was when I was still young and cute .. hahahaa and this is how I end up appearing round and big. Voluptuous can ah ?

I had a great night out with my hubby, sister and her fiancé. We had dinner in a Japanese Restaurant. Then had a few drinks in a bistro. We had a little chitchat and we compete ourselves drinking hahaha… I guess sister ate a bit full she throws up after that. Hmmm…. I should have record her action and load to You Tube hehe….kidding sis. It was a lovely night though.

Birthday cake, some food (there were more) and a whole beer tower.

As I reached home I tuned in 8tv to watch Michael Jackson The Memorial’s live. It was touching, emotional and heartbreaking especially when the family gave their speech and the songs that played, we are the world, Heal the world and the music Man in the mirror. Tears flow down my cheeks. I am emotional. I can’t witnessed such sad tragic. It was a beautiful and memorable service. I didn’t see Macaulay Cluckin which I thought he would be there.

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson via

The only Moon Walker, the king of pop, the word’s best entertainer will no longer be judge, jeer, humiliate and accused. He is finally rest in peace.

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  1. Rachel K.11:22 PM

    Hello.. is fiance not fiancee... me no lesbian, k!!haha!!!

  2. pai seh pai seh... altered ledi...


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