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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Highlight of the day

And I thought nothing is gonna stop my slumber. Slept at 4 am.

“THUMP THUMP KNOCK KNOCK”. Liam and Pedro barked louder than I expected. I doze a little, kicked my blanket, screamed “Coming lah uii enough with the barking and bumping”. Thinking, I am not going to entertain a salesperson. I was dog-tired.

I walked to my door and saw 2 men with few casks of my distill water. WHAT at this hour?? Finally they are delivering today. It has been days since my ordered. Imagine days without distill water. I have to parch my throat a little just to save the last drop of water. I was awake by then, helping them to carry the water in. Really KNN~

Hubby has to work a little late today; I followed along my sister and her friends to 4 Happy Seasons Restaurant in Setapak for dinner. The restaurant is themed with 4 different seasonal climates under one roof. Ahem... – Control by air-conditioned. It’s a new vibe in town where TARCIAN talks of. So this ex- Tarcian has to try out to get into the vibe too. Hahah…

Food and menu expectation – Not bad, ample of variety and pricy.

Value: $$$ - 3/6$

Environment – Fresh and contemporary.

Rate – 3/5 stars ~ service is a bit sluggish.

Recommendation – Give it a try. Endeavor the WINTER.

Starters :Vietnamese BBQ beef, Main Course: Mixed Grill Rice , Drink: I had milk tea. I can't recall the name on the last picture. By the way its not the camera's error the actual environment is chill and blue.

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