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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Life at work..

I am sitting on my bum, staring at the people munching away and chatting. Kids are watching TV some are crying. My mind is empty. Nothing came into mind at the moment.*ponder...ponder harder… * nope nothing came into mind. I looked up to the yellowish old TV. Everything on the screen seems so vintage, gives a vague impression and dim. Fortunately, the volume is still in good pitch. I am thinking to switch the channel. No someone is watching. *Sigh*

Again I return to gaze at customer’s food. My eye lids starting to get heavy. Shit! They saw me. I got to pretend that there is something in my eyes. * Rubbing my eyes, walk a bit shakes my body a little.

“Siti” I exclaimed. I can’t stand no more. “Please Please ice kopi satu”. Hoping coffee to safe my day which didn’t help much.

NEW YORK - APRIL 23: Host of "Bizarre Foo...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Finally, I change my channel don’t give a damn no more. Turn to Travel and Living, my first and foremost channel which I have a habit to tune to. Andrew Zimmern from Food Bizzare is tasting the mites and ants. Geee I think I better switched the channel, people are dining in here. I don’t want to make the whole place look like a China slaughtered game eatery.

*Sigh* I look at my fingers, glance at the clock hanging behind me. Pondering I am off tomorrow, so what am I going to do. Facial and body massage would be a good blend to rejuvenate my friggin week. May be then I will take Liam for a grooming then to the vet for his vaccination. Hmm I want to do some shopping also. Hope I have sufficient time.

Clock is still clicking…. Half an hour to go ...HOME!!!

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