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Monday, July 06, 2009

After token Mania

Usually I will switch on my lap top, automatically sign in to Air Asia website right away. It’s like a routine. After July 4th seems like I got nothing to else to achieve or do. “Ciak pah boh su cho” = Eat full nothing to do..

Hai..back to my old sluggish life. What does a house wife do whilst she has got nothing to do? CLEANING lor~ Magic wand mana U tak timbul lagi ke?

I have been planning months to go to Pets World Exhibition in Mid Valley on the 3-5th July and I intended to compete in the Amateur Grooming Competition on the 3rd. Errr…after decisions and discussions at the end of the day, I don’t have the heart, utensils and confident. No guts at all!

So I end up went as a visitor yesterday, witnessed cat fashion competition, bought some snacks for me pets and antiseptic soap bar. Toby has this wound which keeps haunting him after it heals. It has been on and off for years. The other thing is Toby loves to lick and scratch his wound which is not helping. Hopefully the antiseptic soap and his medication can nurse back to health fast. Oh, I do bring him to the vets. It’s just that I don’t think the root of either fungi or bacteria are wiped out yet.

Ok pen down. Mana pen? Hehe .. Continue with my movie marathon – Rosy business.

Poor Toby's wound..

The Cat competition

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