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Friday, July 17, 2009

Might be culture shock for some

I saw my friend sitting face to face chatting with a man at the age of 60’s. He is partly bald; wrinkles are to be seen from far. I got pretty “kepo” so I walked towards them. When I reached nearer everything became clearer. I can’t help but notice this man’s last one standing tooth which sill hangs on his gum. I didn’t make any comment or say “Hi”, I sat closely to my friend listened to their chat.

“Do you know that Japanese girls love men who speak English? They will adore you; stalk you like crazy if you can speak Standard 3 English.” I have heard this before but sound skeptical to me. The uncle continued “Last time I have had many Japanese girl friends that followed me”. Huh??? Your one tooth hanging like that and Japanese girls all over you ah ??? Sure boh? I can’t stop but laughing in front of him. I know I was rude then again I try not to laugh out loud but to listen closely what he going to say next.

This uncle is telling about his past experience living in Japan. He returns home 10 years ago. He can’t help forgetting his life in Japan so I sat closely, listened to his story. He shares his life stories with us. Like kids listening to bed time stories. He blab a lot of his working life in Japan which I pay no heed till he starts with the culture shock. Subject.

Hope this is not offensive. I’ll share what I‘ve heard – accorded to this uncle statement.

- Prostitution service is counted hourly. An hour might cost you around 10 thousand yen. So if you can finish your pleasure with A woman in less than the few minutes, you can get second B girl without extra charge, finish with B girl you can continue with C girl. What ever it is that 10 grand yen must be settle in an hour. Not bad eh ? Bare in mind this is not for tourist!

- A pub. Alcohol drinks are placed high above- on top of the bar shelves. Waitresses are expected to climb up the bar to grab a drink for a man without wearing their undies. Only short mini skirts are allowed. The rules of this game, men are not allowed to touch the waitress not even a hair.

- Sashimis are spread on a naked body. No utensils are used during the meal. You are to only use tongue to put the food in your mouth. Few people will seat around the body to get hold of that few pieces of fish.

- I think you have heard of sniffing used undies, used sanitary pad, playing with feces and urine.

- There is granny prostitution too. Yes granny is working! People queue for their turn!

I don’t’ know if it’s true. It’s a shame statement that women are treated like this in their country. I know it will be eye opening for some one who never heard of this. If you know more other than this SHARE with me!!! hahhaha......

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  1. Tony: Like that also can ar ... hm.. very sketical bout it. Next time after visit Japan tell u whether the uncle got bluffing or fire dog or not .. Ha...Ha...Ha...

    Fifi: Yer.... disgusting ... think im gonna allowed Tony to visit de park n shopping centre only ... Haha.hah.a.ha

  2. JY:lol...suit my pervert frend...i'll intro to him...ahha

  3. nice.... a pervert frend kekee


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