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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Token Mania

I have been clicking the tiny little tokens every 3 hours via Air Asia website for more than a month now. Finally it ends today when the clock strike 12 midnight. Opps look at the time its 12.17 am now. Hehe…

I was exhausted to linger thru the middle of the night, had short little nap then waking up in the wee morning just to click the tokens. I know I am cuckoo. I am not a mother yet but I guess that is how it feels to have a baby at home. Scary … really adore those moms out there. I’ll pass all of this at the moment. :P

I have collected all the 108 tokens. Just hope and cross my fingers that Lady Luck is “sitting” on me. I want to win badly. There are 10 grand prizes, 10 pairs of tickets to Gold Coast for 5 days 4 nights which includes accommodation, short visits and other fun stuff. Tempting isn’t it? IT’S FREE for 10 lucky winners only!!! Hopefully I am the one.

I would like to thank my supportive friends and families who have used their precious time to register and sign up. Love you guys’ lot. If I do win and fly to Oz, no worry each of you will get 1 kg of Kangaroo meat. Hahaha…. No just kidding will receive limited edition souvenirs from me. Why limited coz I buy them ma …..

Tonight I will have my life back again. Yipeee…..Lets try to click one more time ....


  1. good luck! I started the game, however give up after few days.. :p

  2. oi.. lu cakap de arr.. souvenirs for me also arr.. send here to KK

  3. no problem frend hehe

  4. Thanks for your great help too.. even though I cant make it but its fun though to pilipala the tokens together gether..


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