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Friday, July 10, 2009

Gals day out and the day after.

I had a girl’s day out with Alice yesterday. I picked her up at a nearby train station and uhhh..I got a bag from her. She gave me a bag!!! Thank you! The weather was cloudy and it really went well for us to have prawn me and "kai chap" a hawker stall some where in between Jalan Sanpeng and Pudu. I usually perspired a lot when I eat on that point. o_O.

Har Mee and kai chap

We normally keep in touch via Windows Live Messenger and ahemmm… errr…at some point we had not been seeing each other for quite sometimes. We don’t have the time to get together. She is busy I am busy.. KL ..always jam .. hehee….

After our breakfast, we head to Pavilion wondering and hunting for great bargains as Malaysia Mega Sales is going on at the moment. We were quite disappointed as not much of deals or bargains as we believe it will be. We were thwarted; Alice took me to The Loaf for (sam tim sam) 3.15 pm tea time. I got to tell you, I love the mini U Hu! Hu! Indulgence, delicious, scrumptious you name it. Did I leave out “pricey”? Both of us love Durian Obsession deucedly.

The U Hu! Hu! I am craving for it now.

Alice if you are reading this, can we arrange another meeting? I am taking you to makan. Just forget about your purse. Leave it at home. Thank you very much for the nice evening and meals!!

Today, ~mid day le, I went back to my part time job, my short article for and about the company I am working with has been published. I am very proud for my self hehee…I didn’t get a cent for my article. #$%^& then had back ache and oh well I don’t want to “lecture” about it. I am off – sitting on my ass again tomorrow. Shit ~

After the ass day at work, I am happy that I was finally home. My Hubby has prepared dinner by the time I reached home. Sweet! I love him for doing that. Then we head to JJ to redeem my JJ voucher which to my avail, no use one la. I am not sure what are the purpose of the vouchers is since there are not much of discounts or deals. Sound like shenanigans only. We then went to watch Public Enemies. Johnny Depp is so sexy as always ~

Johnny Depp et Marion Cotillard pour l'avant p...Image by nicogenin via Flickr

I don't want to mention anything about the movie to ruin your show!

Tag of the day ~ Bye Bye Black Bird!

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  1. Hahaha.. you want to belanja ah? Next time when we meet again, you belanja lahh.. Probably can do survey survey see where got cute cute food that we can go try try.. Hehee..


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