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Friday, May 13, 2011

My favorite Jurlique- Lavender Body Oil

I love spa and body massage, from Balinese to Hot Stone massage. I would say aromatherapy full body massage is my all time favorite. If it is doable, I would love have it every single day before I go to bed.

While I was in Australia, I bought Jurlique’s Lavender Body Oil (currently my favourite potion) which I can DIY or at least I got myself a reason for my husband to massage me once in the blue moon. The pleasant lavender scents help my mind calm and unstrained. I feel relax. I love the scent of lavender; I have everything lavender at my home from a potpourri, laundry detergent to the closet air freshener.

Jurlique- Lavender Body Oil.

I love the pleasing light smell of it. Its not too oily. It's just right.
It's my most favourite potion at the moment.
Sometimes I use it as moisturiser or lotion at night. Soothe up the dry skin.

Jurlique - Lavender Shower Gel

Not much of foam. Usually used while soaking in the bathtub.

Lavender bag for my closet. Sometimes I couldn't resist to just hold it on my hand and sniff it once awhile. I am quite addicted to the scent at times.

My Lavender eye bag which accompany me every night.

Carbtree & Evelyn hand lotion.

Those are my home Lavender range product!  After a refreshing bath, I will apply the Lavender Body oil on the tense up  area such as neck and shoulder, massage it on the muscle till the oil is absorb. As I am ready for my sleep, I place the eye pillow on myeyes, within a few minutes; I am chasing my dreams..

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Banana Leaf Rice @ Sam's Kitchen

I have been to a few Indian restaurants and Sangeetha serves the best Authentic Northern Indian vegetarian food. Due to the price, and I am a penny-pinching now, I eat at the Sam’s Kitchen at Taman Maluri where it is neither in Brickfields nor in Lebuh Ampang. Simultaneously I am avoiding all the traffic hassle at those spots. What makes me return to this Sam’s Kitchen is the aroma and the taste of the food, Sam's serve both Northern and Southern Indian food. The service is not too bad. That's how I am their regular patron.

You know what my favorite is? It is their banana leaf rice! A vegetarian meals which comes with few vegetables dishes, rice serves with curry, dhal, crispy crackers, papadom, sweets, resam, bot etc.. on a banana leaf.

Banana Leaf Rice
The fish are the extra things which you can add on.

Curry and dhal on rice. A bit messy after the mix.

Extra add-on Marsala Chicken

resam- soup
Banana leaf rice cost RM5.50, add on marsala chicken is at RM 5.00. They do have others on the menu such as Pooir, Tosai, Nasi Briyani etc.. For me, I am going to stick with the rice :)   

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hot and Humid!!!!

The weather condition is wiping me out. Not just me, my cat and my dogs too. They drink a lot recently. I have to refill their empty bottle 2-3 times a day, usually only once a day. The hot and humid weather is so intolerable. Wish it snow now! 

How to overcome the heat?

1. Frequent bath.

2. Soak in the bath tub.

3. Sprinkle water to yourself every minute.

4. Soak in a bucket of ice.

The above methods cause lots of water wastage.

5. Do nothing so you don’t sweat. Anyhow I still sweat after every bath even though I do nothing.

6. Powder yourself with cooling powder such as Prickly heat, Aiken or Dettol.

My favourite brand for me to stay cool in the hot and humid weather.

7. Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration. Freezing coca cola really mends the parched throat.

8. Wear nothing. Get naked!

9. Sit in front of the fan. Switch to the highest speed.

10. Turn on air conditioning. Adjust to the coolest temperature its best set to 10C. ( if are able to do that ) I have not utilized my blanket since the start of the drought in my air-condition room.

11. If you have a swimming pool. Go deep in.

Place to hide

12. If you find it’s unhygienic to soak in the pool. Go hide out in shopping malls!

13. If you are on budget, pretend to buy something in the shops with air-conditioning. Ask weird things if the sales persons walk near you and keep browsing till you find where the coolest spot is. Act like you are buying then again once you feel you are chill enough, it’s time to go to the shop next door.

14. Sit in a restaurant or diner for hours after meals.

15. Stand in front of the cold storage area in hypermarket.

16. Watch movies in cinema. Watch couples of movies continuously.

17. Stand in front of your ajar fridge.

18. Hide in the Mines Ice Wonderland. You got to pay for it. Or Ice factory if you have friends work in there.

19. Drive up to Bukit Tinggi or Genting Highland.

20. Fly to country which is entering winter now such as Oz and Nz.

There you have it 20 methods. Which do you opt ?

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Whats in my wish list?

I own a bucket list. Come to think again it might take forever to execute it. I might die in my sleep later. I am switching my bucket list to a wish-list (for shorter terms). I want to become skilled with lots of cognition.

1. I want to cook and bake and be a mixologist.

2. I yearn to converse, write and comprehend in other foreign languages.

3. I am so eager to become a diva for a plus size, perhaps an icon for a plus size in Malaysia fashion industry. We have been left out for so long. (It’s just an icon not Mia Tyler), I am a no body but it’s a dream for bigger people! We have plus size celebrities such as Queen Latifah, Adele, Emma Gems, Kat Brandy, Mia Tyler. So size shouldn’t be judged that arduous? I am sure no one is perfect; give us fat people a chance.

4. Make up! I am so into the smoky eyes right now. Practicing at home for fun.

5. Winning the jackpot in lottery!!! My priority wish and dream. Huat ah!!!!

I am doing half of the list now. Maybe I can continue more of the list after my sleep..

Monday, May 02, 2011

Sze Chuan Jalan Alor

Recently I tend to  wake up from my sleep in the wee morning at 3 am starving for spicy food. I am devour for spicy food. I discover that food are not food if they are not spicy. I hope my tongue is alright.

And so I bugged my husband to take me to my favourite stall. We took our aunt from Oz with us to enjoy the thrill.

I have been a patron to this stalls at Jalan Alor for few years now. The business is own by a Sze Chuan owner. It's my favourite place for Sze Chuan dishes. The spiciness of the dishes are rather different than other spicy food. Its much more piquant, hot and savoury dried chilies' hot-spicy. The spiciness is a lot different than curry, tom yam and chili paste (sambal).

Most of the Sze Chuan dish are filled with dried chilies or fresh chilies. 
Warning : You might feel a little numb and tingling on your lips after consuming.

 Light soy sauce fried egg plant. Egg plant is one of my favourite food.

Direct translation as in water cook fish.
The fish are covered with the main ingredient dried chili, and the chili oil.
We only eat the fish by all odds.
 Pork belly with vege. Not sure what is the name of the vege. Its from China.
It taste like asparagus but crunchier.

Spicy fried lala.

I totally forget to snap  the "Kou Shui Chee" Saliva Chicken's. Its a vinegrette chicken with dired chillies. Its a must eat. Another favourite of mine.

Price range from RM 15 to RM 35 per dish. Depends on the size and types of dish ordered.

Location is at Jalan Alor. Few stalls next to Hotel Nova. Right next to Thai stalls.

Ayam Penyet Ria

During lunch hour, Ayam Penyet Ria in Dataran Sunway will definitely be packed and crowded.  Shops open at 12 noon. It is advice to go at 12 sharp. Once you are late food might be served tardily. Know your time and arrive early.

Empal penyet or smashed beef at RM 8 with side dishes tempe, fried tofu, and vege.

My favourite terung penyet or smashed egg plant at RM 3.00

 Ayam penyet at RM 7.80 with side dishes such as tempe, fried tofu, raw vege and the delicious chili paste. Rice not included.


The picture above is not from Ayam penyet ria. This is where I ate it in Tawau which is kind of dissapointing. The chichken is desiccated, there are no side dishes and no fried crunch. No chili paste was given as well. It taste like ordinary fried chicken.
Go for good delicious Ayam Penyet.

6 Jalan PJS 8/2, Mentari Bussines Park, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Ayam Penyet Ap

I love Ayam Penyet! It’s like a “necessity“for me to have it every single week! I can’t make it without their enticing beguiling spicy sambal (chili paste). Food to die for.

There are numbers of shops selling ayam penyet in Klang Valley and Bandar Sunway is best known for this Indonesian food, ayam penyet a smashed, crispy fried chicken.  

I don't always travel that far to ease my temptation. AP has their shops in KLCC, Dataran Sunway, Bandar Seri Permaisuri and some where in Shah Alam.  Normally I will dine in KLCC except for this very day.

Terung Penyet at RM 3.50
That is the sambal /chili paste which I crave for (on top of the smashed fried egg plant).
I usually asked for more.  This dish will come with a piece of tempe, fried tofu , few pieces of raw vegetables such as cabbage and cucumber and a bit of water spinach. Top it with the crispy fried crunch. The spicy it gets the more I crave for.

Ayam Penyet at RM 7.80 
Smashed chicken comes with the chili paste, raw vege, water spinach, tempe and fried tofu. Topped with fried crispy crunch.

Rice  = RM 1.20

Location :

No.55, Jalan Dwitasik 1,

Dataran Dwitasik, Bandar Sri Permaisuri,

56000 K.L.


Business Hour 11.00am - 10.30pm

Friday, April 22, 2011

I lived another day

Who could ever know that I was saved by Liam, my dog! I was deep in my slumber when suddenly Liam (in living room) barked agitatedly. I was traumatized by the way he barked. I looked at the other two dogs, Faye and Pedro (in my bedroom) were staring  at the bedroom’s door.

I looked rushed out of my room and I was terrified to see my living room was filled with smoke. It was the smell of either burnt plastic or rubber.  Suddenly I noticed some sparks and flame coming out from the fuse box. I ponder no more, I hastily switched it off. I was so terrified that I might get electrocuted at some point.

Burnt fuse

Burnt Cover

Burnt fuse box

Once the current halted, everything seemed so quiet. The air was still full of smoke. That no good smolder has definitely filled my lungs, I only ajar my main door and windowpane to let the smoke clear the air.

At the end of the day, it was fixed alright by an electrician. I was told it could have burnt the whole fuse box if I did not switch off the fuse box. Short circuit happened due to old loose electric wiring.

If it wasn’t for Liam I might died choking on the smoke or may be burnt to death. I am lucky to be alive and to have Liam. I am so proud to have him. Who knows a dog can be my savior.

I survive and live another day!

My lucky charm , My hero!

Monday, April 18, 2011


“O.h oh” – Remember the endearing sound from ICQ incoming message?

I miss chatting in ICQ so much. I was so eager to chat in ICQ after school; the internet connection at home was really sucks at that time. Usually I will drive to my friends’ or cousins house to please my addiction. What excite me most was waiting for ICQ to sign in where there was this sound of a ship blowing its horn, the full load of the flower logo reminding you that you have successfully signed in.

The whole list of my online and offline friends will show in a long vertical tab of mine. Eyeing on the online list was my favorite; chat starts right at that moment. ICQ has this special tab where you can search to chat with other ICQ user around the world. I kind of like that features where they have this advanced search for friends around the world. Don’t think we have this kind of features in the current chat we have. Current chat room it’s too revealing.

I tried to turn on my ICQ via my phone today for 24 hours. There were no active signs at all. NO one signs in. Sigh.

I am simply missing it..

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


When I have the $$ (note: only 2$), I don’t have the time for myself. When I have the time I don’t have $. It’s so shitty.

There are times I find myself doing weird things that I should have recorded in a video. I might just upload it without typing. I yell for nonentity, I sing for fun, I tend to talk funny to Toby who doesn’t even care what I am mumbling about. He faced the other way whenever I babble to him. He must be thinking my minion is getting a bit too cuckoo.

My other 3 critters no longer smells, no matting and they look gorgeous and “na-rak” all the time. Faye and Pedro are kinda obedient substantially at times their reactions are a bit sluggish. I have to yell and ordered them. Not sure if they are deaf or they would like me to speak to them in other languages.

I am taking a language courses at my free time. What’s best on the subject of this language is, there are no tenses in it! No present, past or grammar! I am looking forward to converse it by the end of the course.

If only I can get a great idea for the extra $$$, there should have more stuff for me to do and learn. I really want to learn to surf. My body weight might be an issue, but it might be a great way to lose few stones from the swimming and dragging the surf board back to the ocean after I am washed up ashore. If time, place and $ permits I might fly to Bali or Gold Coast to have surfing lessons again.

I don’t feel like doing nothing right now. I want to grab and learn whatever I have interest in.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sore eyes, bored attitude..

I am blinding in few more seconds. I am gazing my screen for not more than 30 minutes. How can I work??
Headache approaching, tummy churning .. puking any minutes now.
Get well soon will ya??

Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's expensive to live here....

It’s sad to find out that a town like Tawau has such elevation of living expenses. Food is appallingly expensive, even dining in either Penang or Taipei, well sometimes in KL is much cheaper! Are the prices accorded as the authority’s stated? Price hikes …!!??  Is this their first step to take over the world??

Check out the houses etc. link houses; you wouldn’t believe the price they called. Tawau has great capacity of space in short with many acres of land, yet we are seeing nuisance price of houses. E.g. - RM300K- 400K for a 3+1 link house in undeveloped zone, bad roads - lots of pot holes, and bad transportation is mostly preposterous. Yet there are numbers of unoccupied new houses which have been sitting there for years.

What is the population like? Do we really need that much of mosquitos’ farm? Don’t you think there are other better things to build and improvised instead of burdening your own Tawau-ian to own a house? Why creates less opportunity for the average Joe?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy to be home

I am cuddling myself underneath my warm blanket. The air conditioner is breezing my room at 18 degree Celsius. I got the background Thai pop tune playing. I am lying on my tummy on my king size bed, - blogging.

Awesome! Simple and I like It. Imagining me looking at the Eiffel Tower though a window in a high rise luxury residence hotel. Paris… There goes the sign of sleepiness..

It’s been too long since I envisage or perhaps hallucinate on my bed comfortably. I have the ample time to linger. If life back there is possible, - just for me to linger on my bed doing nothing but to simply be delirious into the wonderland for hours or may be for a day. :P

One year of missing and I am happy to be home.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Where the hell was I in the past few months?

“Blink, Blink” O.O

Fark it’s almost end of the month. Where is my last production and submission? Subsequently when is the latest approval? For the past couple of months I have been doing irregular activities which I by no mean thought I will do in my whole life. KARMA! I am not going to mention what the hell I am exercising in my current job.

What do I do in my office? Not much to describe bout me work loads here. I read newspaper, wait for walk in. Attack the regulars, then I will bite their ears off. In no doubt there are some lame asses, which I get over it in few seconds. I don’t talk much to those asses. At some point, I will just sit back listen to my ipod and gaming with my phone. Hard job? Not really. Just some pushy problems at the end of the month – where are my figures????

Am I coping it? If my pocket is not desirable I have to start to sniff around. At the moment, I guess it’s just alright to stay put.

Life…Come to think again I want to go study …. MUAHAHAHA….

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Birthday Month

I have not been writing for ages. Life is tedious. Work, exam, sigh..
Let me share about my birthday month JULY or Luglio in Italian. I didn’t get to travel this month sigh, only if I have the extra money to go.

I started my new job in PJ, thought I will suffer my self in the crazy jam every morning, to my amaze I am kinda lucky. I can reach my office in 15 – 20 minutes time. Not too bad eh? So I was there in the company, I was paid to study in the company for a week. hahhaa…I was also being invited to attend the company’s kick star year in a 5 star hotel for 2 days 1 night near by a beach which is kinda awesome for some reason (my birthday surprise) where at some certain point its just plain dull. Anyhow I survive the dull part. Second working week started, we have more and more new colleagues coming in from other region. We are the first to start a batch with the feminine group, for a 2 weeks training program. Wonder where have all the boys gone? The girls are awesome, some are shy and quiet some are just wild!

Oh about my birthday, hubby is kinda romantic this year we had a posh quixotic Italian dinner in Changkat Bukit Bintang. I feel so loved. Hahaa.. Don’t think I want to share more here.
Sigh I feel so old now….

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Authentic Indian vege food @ Sangeetha

Kent had told me many times about this delicious authentic Indian vegetarian food that he had with his friends a year ago. Time constraints have stop both of us having this authentic food together. I never get to be familiar with where it was till few days ago while we were pondering what to have for dinner. He decided we go down to Lebuh Ampang to have this Indian vege meal.

Once you step in the restaurant you can really feel your stomach begging for food. The aroma of the spices is so tempting that it makes me wanted to drool badly (which I didn’t! It’s a public area. How can I be so absurd?) I sat down, check the menu and I do not know where to start or even to order from there. Puri? Etc… I can’t even recall the names to type in here… I randomly poke the pictures in the menu to the waiter. I never regret for poking orders.

Borsch creamy soup i guess...
I can't recall the dish name. This is a must have! The curry paste is magnificent.

 Puri . Nice fluffy bread.
 The special meal with savory condiments. Thumbs up!
Nan with special paste.

Their tea is also a must try. They add fresh milk in their tea with some spices which really soothes your mood. I guess its kinda good for insomnia. I get sleepy after 2 sips heheehe...

Sangeetha is the name of the restaurant incase you have got curious. From Masjid Jamek LRT head to McD, Walk pass Mc.D you will see a traffic light. Walk across and its at that particular building.
It's a must try for those foodie who love Indian food.

Give a try. 

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