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Monday, May 02, 2011

Sze Chuan Jalan Alor

Recently I tend to  wake up from my sleep in the wee morning at 3 am starving for spicy food. I am devour for spicy food. I discover that food are not food if they are not spicy. I hope my tongue is alright.

And so I bugged my husband to take me to my favourite stall. We took our aunt from Oz with us to enjoy the thrill.

I have been a patron to this stalls at Jalan Alor for few years now. The business is own by a Sze Chuan owner. It's my favourite place for Sze Chuan dishes. The spiciness of the dishes are rather different than other spicy food. Its much more piquant, hot and savoury dried chilies' hot-spicy. The spiciness is a lot different than curry, tom yam and chili paste (sambal).

Most of the Sze Chuan dish are filled with dried chilies or fresh chilies. 
Warning : You might feel a little numb and tingling on your lips after consuming.

 Light soy sauce fried egg plant. Egg plant is one of my favourite food.

Direct translation as in water cook fish.
The fish are covered with the main ingredient dried chili, and the chili oil.
We only eat the fish by all odds.
 Pork belly with vege. Not sure what is the name of the vege. Its from China.
It taste like asparagus but crunchier.

Spicy fried lala.

I totally forget to snap  the "Kou Shui Chee" Saliva Chicken's. Its a vinegrette chicken with dired chillies. Its a must eat. Another favourite of mine.

Price range from RM 15 to RM 35 per dish. Depends on the size and types of dish ordered.

Location is at Jalan Alor. Few stalls next to Hotel Nova. Right next to Thai stalls.

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