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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Whats in my wish list?

I own a bucket list. Come to think again it might take forever to execute it. I might die in my sleep later. I am switching my bucket list to a wish-list (for shorter terms). I want to become skilled with lots of cognition.

1. I want to cook and bake and be a mixologist.

2. I yearn to converse, write and comprehend in other foreign languages.

3. I am so eager to become a diva for a plus size, perhaps an icon for a plus size in Malaysia fashion industry. We have been left out for so long. (It’s just an icon not Mia Tyler), I am a no body but it’s a dream for bigger people! We have plus size celebrities such as Queen Latifah, Adele, Emma Gems, Kat Brandy, Mia Tyler. So size shouldn’t be judged that arduous? I am sure no one is perfect; give us fat people a chance.

4. Make up! I am so into the smoky eyes right now. Practicing at home for fun.

5. Winning the jackpot in lottery!!! My priority wish and dream. Huat ah!!!!

I am doing half of the list now. Maybe I can continue more of the list after my sleep..


  1. we share the same list for #2 and #5 :D
    Particularly #5! Hehehe.

    Which language are you interested in?

  2. hahhaa.. #5 rules!

    I am into Thai and French. Yourself?


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