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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Banana Leaf Rice @ Sam's Kitchen

I have been to a few Indian restaurants and Sangeetha serves the best Authentic Northern Indian vegetarian food. Due to the price, and I am a penny-pinching now, I eat at the Sam’s Kitchen at Taman Maluri where it is neither in Brickfields nor in Lebuh Ampang. Simultaneously I am avoiding all the traffic hassle at those spots. What makes me return to this Sam’s Kitchen is the aroma and the taste of the food, Sam's serve both Northern and Southern Indian food. The service is not too bad. That's how I am their regular patron.

You know what my favorite is? It is their banana leaf rice! A vegetarian meals which comes with few vegetables dishes, rice serves with curry, dhal, crispy crackers, papadom, sweets, resam, bot etc.. on a banana leaf.

Banana Leaf Rice
The fish are the extra things which you can add on.

Curry and dhal on rice. A bit messy after the mix.

Extra add-on Marsala Chicken

resam- soup
Banana leaf rice cost RM5.50, add on marsala chicken is at RM 5.00. They do have others on the menu such as Pooir, Tosai, Nasi Briyani etc.. For me, I am going to stick with the rice :)   

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