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Friday, October 22, 2010

Where the hell was I in the past few months?

“Blink, Blink” O.O

Fark it’s almost end of the month. Where is my last production and submission? Subsequently when is the latest approval? For the past couple of months I have been doing irregular activities which I by no mean thought I will do in my whole life. KARMA! I am not going to mention what the hell I am exercising in my current job.

What do I do in my office? Not much to describe bout me work loads here. I read newspaper, wait for walk in. Attack the regulars, then I will bite their ears off. In no doubt there are some lame asses, which I get over it in few seconds. I don’t talk much to those asses. At some point, I will just sit back listen to my ipod and gaming with my phone. Hard job? Not really. Just some pushy problems at the end of the month – where are my figures????

Am I coping it? If my pocket is not desirable I have to start to sniff around. At the moment, I guess it’s just alright to stay put.

Life…Come to think again I want to go study …. MUAHAHAHA….

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