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Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy to be home

I am cuddling myself underneath my warm blanket. The air conditioner is breezing my room at 18 degree Celsius. I got the background Thai pop tune playing. I am lying on my tummy on my king size bed, - blogging.

Awesome! Simple and I like It. Imagining me looking at the Eiffel Tower though a window in a high rise luxury residence hotel. Paris… There goes the sign of sleepiness..

It’s been too long since I envisage or perhaps hallucinate on my bed comfortably. I have the ample time to linger. If life back there is possible, - just for me to linger on my bed doing nothing but to simply be delirious into the wonderland for hours or may be for a day. :P

One year of missing and I am happy to be home.

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