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Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's expensive to live here....

It’s sad to find out that a town like Tawau has such elevation of living expenses. Food is appallingly expensive, even dining in either Penang or Taipei, well sometimes in KL is much cheaper! Are the prices accorded as the authority’s stated? Price hikes …!!??  Is this their first step to take over the world??

Check out the houses etc. link houses; you wouldn’t believe the price they called. Tawau has great capacity of space in short with many acres of land, yet we are seeing nuisance price of houses. E.g. - RM300K- 400K for a 3+1 link house in undeveloped zone, bad roads - lots of pot holes, and bad transportation is mostly preposterous. Yet there are numbers of unoccupied new houses which have been sitting there for years.

What is the population like? Do we really need that much of mosquitos’ farm? Don’t you think there are other better things to build and improvised instead of burdening your own Tawau-ian to own a house? Why creates less opportunity for the average Joe?

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