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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


When I have the $$ (note: only 2$), I don’t have the time for myself. When I have the time I don’t have $. It’s so shitty.

There are times I find myself doing weird things that I should have recorded in a video. I might just upload it without typing. I yell for nonentity, I sing for fun, I tend to talk funny to Toby who doesn’t even care what I am mumbling about. He faced the other way whenever I babble to him. He must be thinking my minion is getting a bit too cuckoo.

My other 3 critters no longer smells, no matting and they look gorgeous and “na-rak” all the time. Faye and Pedro are kinda obedient substantially at times their reactions are a bit sluggish. I have to yell and ordered them. Not sure if they are deaf or they would like me to speak to them in other languages.

I am taking a language courses at my free time. What’s best on the subject of this language is, there are no tenses in it! No present, past or grammar! I am looking forward to converse it by the end of the course.

If only I can get a great idea for the extra $$$, there should have more stuff for me to do and learn. I really want to learn to surf. My body weight might be an issue, but it might be a great way to lose few stones from the swimming and dragging the surf board back to the ocean after I am washed up ashore. If time, place and $ permits I might fly to Bali or Gold Coast to have surfing lessons again.

I don’t feel like doing nothing right now. I want to grab and learn whatever I have interest in.

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