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Monday, April 18, 2011


“O.h oh” – Remember the endearing sound from ICQ incoming message?

I miss chatting in ICQ so much. I was so eager to chat in ICQ after school; the internet connection at home was really sucks at that time. Usually I will drive to my friends’ or cousins house to please my addiction. What excite me most was waiting for ICQ to sign in where there was this sound of a ship blowing its horn, the full load of the flower logo reminding you that you have successfully signed in.

The whole list of my online and offline friends will show in a long vertical tab of mine. Eyeing on the online list was my favorite; chat starts right at that moment. ICQ has this special tab where you can search to chat with other ICQ user around the world. I kind of like that features where they have this advanced search for friends around the world. Don’t think we have this kind of features in the current chat we have. Current chat room it’s too revealing.

I tried to turn on my ICQ via my phone today for 24 hours. There were no active signs at all. NO one signs in. Sigh.

I am simply missing it..

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