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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I dono how to read Chinese...

I am Chinese wording illiterate. I can only understand and write few Chinese words. I choose to only learn some words that I am interested with. For instance, I love durian. 我爱吃 Durian. I do not read Chinese but I love browsing Tawau, Morning Post and China Press for which I only stare at interesting pictures.

Browsing Morning Post is to divulge ‘8 poh” news. It is astonishing to discover shocking pictures of a familiar human face. Just a short info, I came from a small town, recognizing familiar faces from a small town aren’t that complicated. I could recognize someone that could be your family members, relatives, neighbors, friend’s family, friends; friend, regard it as a 60 degree friends circle. I take it as an “eating-too-full-nothing-to-do” hobby; to identify who is getting married by the end of this week, who became a mistress, or a young adolescent marriage or who had just graduate from a notorious abroad University. Tawau citizen loves to publicize graduation. Whenever any “Ah kow” or “Ah Lian” graduated from a couple of hundred thousand ringgit school fees University, you will see them wearing their black Dracula gown, and a child's handmade square 20 x 20 cardboard hat alike thingy holding on an empty toilet roll core, cylinder scroll on a black and white print, which sometimes come in pink in the newspaper. Undoubtedly the graduates feel ego, conceited and pride. Who doesn’t? Imagine you see yourself publicize on a page in the newspaper holding your expensive empty toilet rolls core cylindrical.

China Press, I find it quite enlightening with the attached pictures. I am in to reading materials with full of pictures and illustrations. Sports section in China Press lately shown Manchester United played in Bukit Jalil. The news has proved the success of it's illustrations. Owen is as clear as wacthing himm live from the field. Ahemmm hahha. I do not need to understand any of the printed words, the picture tells the story. In my opinion, I don't care if I can't read Chinese, as long as I can speak I think it's good enough and is a must for newspapers with pictures. :)

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