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Thursday, July 16, 2009

What about dinner?

My husband and I have a bad habit of taking late dinner, SUPPER. We usually have our dinner; I would say heavy meals at around 9 pm. Some individual does find it odd. Some say that is the time for “tea tarik and roti”. For a diet freak, we are the most insalubrious human on earth. I get people moaning about our eating habit. Thank you for your concerns.It happens because there are times when I have to wait Kent for dinner. I am not faulting him for all this. I love to have him accompany. We eat out all the time due to the time frame we had. It’s unpredictable when to cook. Cooking for 2 is not easy either.

When I am back in Tawau, I will have my dinner at around 5.30 -6.00pm. Grandma cooks at 5 pm. Dinner will be served at 5.30pm. Yes, it’s an early dinner. Some people might have just return from tea time but we induce dinner at that hour. My brothers and I, without grand ma acknowledging, tend to have our second round around 8 pm. She has a habit to sleeps at these hours. So we will sneak out to have supper. Hahhaa….

We had our dinner at 12 am today. I know we are killing ourselves slowly. Ok, let’s not talk about my eating habit. Kent and I usually have steamboat at this restaurant. Nothing lavishly exquisite, it’s quite affordable. We ordered 2 persons consumption at the price of RM28.50 included 4 Chinese teas – “Suet cha”. Our throats were parched so we had 4 teas.

Assorted foods for 2 persons.

The condiments

"Yin Yang " soup , Tom Yam and regular chicken stock soup.

One of the sign board in the shop.

Located at Jalan Mutiara Raya, Taman Mutiara Raya, Cheras. -Taman Mutiara Barat,
Same block as Station One is situated. - Website taken from Station One.
Rating - **


  1. Tony: walau eh, im also a late supper eater, tapi hor.. not to the extend of having stimboat in the middle of the 9. haha :)

    Fifi : wahhhh.. u really geng o. Stimboat o^^

  2. not sure what to eat besides mamak....
    come, we go makan next time u come

  3. Next time u go ajak me lar..I don't mind heavy supper..keke


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