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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Once upon a time .. flying

I was born in Penang grew up in Tawau. We ‘migrated” to Tawau when I was 3 years of age. My whole family was kinda frequent flyer. We will fly back to Penang every single year. I remembered during my childhood, I travel along with my mom to Penang few months before giving birth to my brother and sister. During those days, air fare was not cheap. Air fare could almost reached RM 1000++ per person for only one way (I was a kid so cheaper la) by Malaysia Airlines , the one and only pioneering Airline in Malaysia at those days. We would fly through a very dreadful long haul flight from Tawau – Kota KinabaluKuala Lumpur- Penang just to return to our homey hometown. It was pain in the ass. There was no such thing as direct flight during that period. We have to transit every each of the airports for couple of hours. It almost took a day just to fly back to Penang.

Whilst, flying back from Penang we will have to stay overnight in the airport of Kota Kinabalu. That was the nightmare we would never disregard. It was totally horrible. We usually reached Kota Kinabalu in the middle of the night then only to catch a flight back to Tawau at dawn the next day. Throughout that time, there were not much frequent flights flying from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau. If I am not mistaken it was about twice a day, one in the wee morning another in the evening.

We have to halt in Kota Kinabalu for almost 5 hours. So there is no point to stay over in a hotel for that short period. We waited in the airport restaurant. Mom will carry my sister. I will sleep at a hard wooden seat. Dad will be attending of our luggages and taking care of my brother. Traveling with kids is ain’t easy. The airport was humid; there were no air condition at the arrival hall. It was a total disaster. We sweat we had body ache. Not to mention the whole day of flying, we pretty much need to shower!

Years gone by, more flights were scheduled. Direct flights have been bestowed. Airport has been modified and refurbished. It wasn’t as bad as before. The era has change. Come to think again, I have not been traveling with my family for years. Yes, it was a terrible to sit at the airport doing nothing for hours but I miss the feeling, the warm spirit of a family being together, being there taking care and looking after each other. A flying memoir I will never disregard.
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