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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Hun Teng"aka Genting

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I went to Genting Highland last Saturday. The main aim for this jaunt is to accomplish one agitating task of mine. I discern what is running in your mind now. Give a guess. I do consider myself as a regular patron. This place I call is always packed. Sometimes I have to squeeze my self in only to see what the outcome is. Have I given enough hints?

My task was to eat buffet in Terrace Coffee House in Genting Hotel. I am a regular patron. Hubby and I sometimes drive up the hill just for the meal. I know it sounds like there ain’t anything else to eat in KL and we have opted to drive up that one hour hill just to eat the buffet. Reasons, I love the food they serve. The ambience, the service entirely is very proficient. The food is worthwhile. Price is at Rm60++. World card points can be redeeming. Last but not least, it’s cold also mah ….

It was quite disappointed that I did not get to have my meals that day. I was extremely super TULAN. They were close for Ala Carte at the time we reached. I was so irate. I went up with an empty stomach and no buffet was served I was truly thwarted. If only I did make a call for reservation or inquiry before I started my journey. End up we went to a café eating Kuey Teow and Roasted meat rice. Siao right? The purpose of this trip has lost its meaning.

So you must think I went back home without doubt. It’s silly to do that. One last thing I got to do is to try my luck before I leave what. True or not?….. So did I win? Of course la . You want to know how much? Not much lah but yes I am contented that I can still purchase things I enjoy with that cold hard cash. The money is enough for me to buy only 1 “Kopi Ping”. So have to share with hubby pula.

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  1. wahaha.. only menang RM3 arr.. haha..wait for me arr.. next time u accompany me go yarr..

  2. ok la no problem small matter only ma


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