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Monday, July 20, 2009

When dogs bark about them selves....

Hi everyone. I am Faye's son, PEDRO! *bark* *panting* * OK no one is watching , I got to make this fast. The one standing on the left is my mom. I am the one standing in the middle. Dad, Liam is the one on the right in the photo. Catherine, yup that is my owner /grandma. She has never quite actually introduce me yet. Finally, I get my opportunity to bark about myself. * drooling* My mom is pretty, doesn't she? She often cleans me even though I am already 1 year old. *grrrrr..* She will lick my face and *yucks...I am so hating it. That is so embarrassing when my owner is looking at me. I had just celebrated my first birthday on the 15th July 2009. I got cookies for my birthday.

This is me when I am cleaned and groomed. I know I have my mom's feature and my dad's eye. *shy* Handsome and cute right. Bitches are all over me when I went out the other day. I was tired with all the chasing. Luckily I stayed behind the bars later that. * wooofff*
Damn, I love to eat . I love it when grandma cooks me steam chicken breast with carrots. I chomp everything that is edible. I even have my own eating time record. I can eat 2 scoops of large bites dog food in less than 30 seconds. Yes , I know! I am fast! "GENG! " Perhaps, I should have a competition with other dogs. Practice makes perfect. I got to maintain that stamina don't I. *woooffff*

I guess I got to *bark* off now. I got to stop this before grandma sees me using her lap top. Hey this is a secret between you and me. If grandma find this I 'll be punished. Yet , *pssst.... I don't want to traumatised her. A dog typing on keyboards? Who is going to believe ??? Will write more as soon she is not around. Till than Barky bye! Check out the blog how I was born!


  1. haha~ so funny o this lttle petro.. wah, time flies.. last year during my visit, i saw him still little puppy ehh..

  2. fast rite he is 1 year old liao ..

  3. Awwwww your doggies are so cute! :) Me likes!

  4. Thanx Foxy for dropping by


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