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Friday, July 17, 2009

Part 3. School and Friends

My schooling begun the next day. I was shy and petrified on the first day. Isabella and I went to the same school; Liceo Scientifico G. Brotzu. She showed me to my class then proceeded to her class room next door. Not knowing what I am supposed to do in class, if I should make the first attempt to introduce myself to the class. I kept silent. Everyone looked at me as if I was an alien who has just landed on their planet. Their facial expression gave me the sign.

Divine Comedy. Dante.Image via Wikipedia

My first lesson was “Dante’s Comedia” – Dante Divine Comedy. Good lord, what the heck is that? Cikgu tak ajar di sekolah le! The teacher mumbles her lecture with her soft, delicate sleepy voice. I pay no heed , it was cold and I dozed of in a blink of an eye. She blabs too much. Hahaha..
Next class, Latin. Holly … I felt like I was in a preaching home or something. Continued with French, Mathematics and etc….

Then it was when during recess, people started to gather around me asking me questions that have been boggling their mind earlier. They are bubbly, friendly and easy going. I was invited to go to their home, Christmas party, and was ask to hang out with them. It was awesome. I felt like the most popular student in school. Yeah I am going to win the prom queen. Pulling the leg of, it didn’t happen. LOL.

The school
The Amici

High School and Friends
The first one standing on the right side taught Dante's Comedia.

Friendship blossom, my friends and I started to hang out every single day. I attended party dinner, camping, I was taken care of, friends' parents loved me and I was doing all sort of things that I usually don’t do or allowed to do at home. Time flies. I started to love my life there until it’s time for me to head home. It’s sad that I have to leave every beautiful moments behind but I have gained my love from friends, had the best moment, knowledge of cultures and the unforgettable experience of a life time. The experiences that I have always cherish. I am proud to have supportive parents and has given me this once in a life time beautiful experience.

Visiting the seaside at Villasimius

Camping at Monta Fortubo

“Grab holds the opportunity right in front of your eyes as chances never comes twice.

Life is too short to not make it beautiful and memorable. Share it with your love ones”.”

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    Write more your experiences in Rome..feeling like not satisfy with only 3 parts reading..


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