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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Travel Solo

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Traveling unaccompanied is something I have been practiced for years. I remembered my first solo trip was flying from Tawau to Kota Kinabalu which takes 45 minutes to reach the destination. I was invited to attend an interview for my AFS. I was 17.

I was sat between 2 strangers. Sitting between some strangers are not something I savored. For instance, I will sneeze to death if they wear heavy cologne or weird odor, the miserable feeling of placing hand on the arm rest, it’s like contending with the one seated beside, who ever get to place the arm first, the arm rest it’s yours for the rest of the flight. Reading, small books are always convenient and appropriate, things get a bit complicated when it come to newspaper. Imagine you are reading an interesting article, hands holding newspaper wide open, and then you flip and simultaneously the person seated beside you is massive. You might unintentionally touch his tummy or legs! Going to a washroom or passing the in-flight meals is as well disobliged.

I opt to sit next the gangway. At least I still possess one last arm rest .LOL. I could do stretch out at the gangway, visiting the flight attendance stall to check out hunks, or asking for freebies and going freely to the washroom with out interrupting others. Last but not least, I’ll be the first to get my hand luggage on the head compartment. I do believe that, it is also safer to sit next to the passage. If it happens to be an emergency, you might give yourself the time to flee to the nearest exit. Judge yourself.

P/S: I am referring to the Economy class seats.

Up next more on traveling..

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