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Saturday, April 28, 2007

What a day.

Current status –
Wakey at 6 am. Still in my pj. blogging. Nothing in the fridge for me to munch. Missed my dinner last night.

Yesterday –
After I blogged my last blog (The light headed me), Hubby and I headed out around 1.45pm. Drove sista to her university then proceed to the nearby Sri Rampai Court, the Immigration Department. Arrived at the department around 2.15 pm and IT’S CLOSED!

“BUKA 2.45pm – 5.00pm” pasted on the door.

And it’s pouring heavily. What will everyone do at that moment? Locate the nearest restaurant / diner /mamak stall la….We end up in mamak stall ate nasi kandar.

2.40 pm – Walk back to Immigration Dept.

2.45 pm – “Miss, do you have your passport picture? You must get it here or else you cannot get the queuing number. We also got the passport renewal form here. We will fill it out for you and the cost will be only $18 including your photo state IC” said the employee standing outside a photo shop next to the Immigration dept. So I walked in snapped the ugliest picture. Get my entire document done then walked straight to get my number next door.

2.50 pm – Got 1236. I looked at the numbering machine showing 1200. 36 more people to go. Lots of “haiya…. Sien , ai kun and yawning …”

3.15pm – 1236 counter 4. Rushed toward the counter got my fingers prints on the form. Then wait for my number to call again to make payment.

3.35 pm – Paid $300. “Tunggu 1 jam lagi” the lady in the counter told me. I was like “Huh wait again?” My arse was like so sore.

4.14 pm – Collect my passport. Happy with the efficiency. Improve ler.

4.20 pm – Drove to Projet. Wait for sista in the cafeteria, as her exam ends at 5 pm.

5 pm – Drove to her Uni picked sista.

5.15pm – Stuck in jam, in Jalan Tun Razak. Headache…

5.40 pm – Still in Jalan Tun Razak. Singing Heroes of Earth + headache….

6 pm – Still in Jalan Tun Razak The same posh Merc. followed beside me from the beginning of the jam. Sexy lady driver though. Continue singing “Comes rain comes shine” + headache + sore arse.

6.30 pm – Get thru the jam to Jalan Imbi. Jam some more.

7.15 pm – Arrived home with my arse numb and flat.

8.30 pm – PENGSAN on my bed.

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  1. MUAHAHAHAHA!!! Very funny lei!

    What a typical KL day lor.....


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