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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hoaxy -hoax

I have been receiving emails from unidentified e- mailers asking me to cooperate with them to collect this deceased’s person money in their account which have not been claimed for 3 months time. Unbelievable it stated millions and billion of dollars in the deceased’s account.

The villain aim’s of writing is to present me as the next of kin and have the money transferred into my account. Then later on share the money with them. Or else the money will go with the Government. It was written that they have tried to remit to any of the deceased relation, but failed due to failure to find his relations. Then bla bla................ they have these legitimate documents and stuff that will protect me from the law.

All they want is these particulars.

1, Your Full Name
2, Your Contact Address
3, Your Private phone, Fax numbers for easy communicating for each others.
4, Your Age and Occupation

It’s a very doubtful! NO FREE LUNCH LA! Will you share your money with a stranger? Will you place that amount of money in a stranger’s account? DOn't be Naive and distracted by the amount.


Do not ever give any of your particulars to strangers.

For more details of this Hoax, go to:
The Great Cote d'Ivoire Email Scam Hoax

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