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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The molar and outing...

Faye : I can't eat I got loose tooth mama... *sigh* Sniff Sniff...

Me: Lai... mama ka lu kiu ha kak.

Faye: Ehh.. Ehh.. No * Bark Bark * Woof Woof.. Sniff SNiff

Me: Lai la... Gigi geraham lai. Shaking liao. The molar is also black in color ledi.

Faye : (Running) Better run off . Donno what is this lady thinking ! Xiao!

Faye 6 months old 13 teeth on the upper mouth. 1 faulty molar.

" Today mama bring me out kai kai see daddy play badminton. BUt hor I pai seh ler. Saw a cat, I guess its a cat kuar. BUt how come different not same de? Toby koko long hair. This one short hair and got so many color one. So I stare at it lor. * sniff sniff* Wanna chase it but haiya first time out better watch my attitude oh. Its fun to be out! Feel want to go for a walk de but then so many people. Shy and scared later wanna pee pee dono go where also, end up I stay close with mama."

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