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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Kidney

Grandma is just alright. Just few beyond description tubes and pipes stuck out from the neck and stomach used for her CAPD dialysis and Haemodialysis. Just brokenhearted and detest to see an 80 years old women stuck in this condition for the rest of her lives. I am proud and glad that Aunt Gek Hong is always there for her. Without her, what could have happen? Aunt G. Hong is you are reading this I just want to tell you and announce to the world that you are an affectionate daughter and a loving-care mother and wife! A great aunt as well! RESPECT!

It was my first encounter in a Haemodialysis Hospice. I can’t believe that there are patients who undergo the dialysis can be as young as 10 years old. They have to go through this dialysis for the rest of their lives. 3-4 times a day or maybe on a daily basis! It’s a shocking scene at the hospice. Tears run down when I saw the patient’s facial expression. Kids are too young to suffer all this! It’s just not fair! Something has to be done! Someone should have done something, warn us, teach us, and gives us the information, knowledge and awareness about kidney failure. Just do something! Help those people who suffer!

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