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Friday, April 27, 2007

The light headed me...

My slumber time has been… well jetlag. It seems like I have just return from somewhere around Greenwich Time region.
Hubby sleeps. I entertain myself with pc and PS 2 games, watch movies, chatting and as well as interrupting Faye and Toby’s sleep. Yeah.. I love that.

Tying Faye’s hair is the best part. I have this old hair pins and stuff trying to create the best hair do for dogs.
Been thinking of keeping her hair long but she ain’t going for any Canine championship but lets see how it goes then…….
Serena C. did an excellent job on Milo’s grooming. So pretty!

Toby has scalp lately. Have to bring him to the vets to check his skin condition. Wonder if it’s the food that causes the scalp.

Good News?

1. Sue is 6 weeks pregnant.
2. Oh is out of her confinement period. Gave birth to a beautiful daughter.
3. Dinner on Sunday with Oh’s family. (Won first prize in the 4 –digit number)
4. Going back home surprisingly. Who is reading this better SHUT UP! Don’t let me shove my legs up to your arse!
5. Huey is coming over tonight. Don’t have to worry bout sista.
6. Sista’s exam will conclude today for the first semester. I know this has got nothing to do with me but I have to send her to the Uni. Well actually I am quite anxious bout her exam. Wonder why???
7. Ling’s wedding is in May, Ying’s is on December, Yee Yong’s might be in November, Nyuk Fen’s confirm on 25 December. Is this good news or bad news for me? I will be dead broke by the end of the year.
8. Am still alive. I escaped from death yesterday. The elevator halts halfway down between 6th and the 7th floor. Then “BOOM”. Ascend and descend hastily in that few minutes. It halts again on the 6th floor. Push the open button madly and ran out of my life. My heart beat was never that wild.

My eyes are heavy at the moment. Going to take a shower and then out to the Immigration department. $300 for a passport renewal!!! Darn it!

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