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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Today's supper special

I was considering to skip supper today coz I notice some of my favorite pants are kinda tight lately. *sigh* I admit I have gain lots of weight. My waist line is 2 inches bigger.
So super tua pui liao! Got to loose weight for my coming trip coz I have to wear swimming suit for my beach vacation. Please support me by not feeding me. LOL! I am just pulling the leg of. Yes a bad habit!
I got to supper cold turkey!

So what’s for supper today?

Kung Pou Rice Paddy Eel (黄鳝) and Baked Escargot

How do I prepare my Escargot?

1. Empty the shell.

2. Marinate the snails’ meat with chopped parsley, garlic and shallots.

3. Warm the cooking pan. Fry the marinated meat with evaporated creamer. Fry till it’s thick and creamy.

4. Fill in the meat back to its shell with the thick creamy gravy. Add mayo and cheese.

5. Then baked in the microwave for 10 minutes.

As for Kung Pao eel, it’s as same as how you prepare Kung Pau Chicken .

The Eel

Ingredients for Kung Pao eel

Tada! Consumption for 4 person. Ask me if you need more details on the ingredients. I might have guided too swiftly. Condiments are not really measured. Everything is by instinct.

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