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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Not for fainted heart reader.

This is not for a fainted heart reader. The content of this post might be gruesome and revolting. So please read at your own risk. I am not responsible for any loss or anything that happens while and after you read! LOL.

So what is this about? Getting curious what I am going to discuss in this post? Before I start, here is a little hint. It’s something sticky gooey, or may be hard, sometimes it gets runny and sometimes it drops like a hard lumpy stone one by one and sometimes it has cracks on its surface, it might be smooth may be other time its mushy.

Got the answer yet? Need another hint? Sure, it might be dark in color, yellowish, and green, red or may be brown?

Have you figure out the answer yet? Ok it’s about poop. May be not, shouldn’t be that vulgar, feces or ordure if it’s alright? I guess I will use the word stool than. “Stool with colors?” Don’t startled yourself. Continue reading…

Stool comes out from your bowel. Right like you don’t know. I am not going to say anything disgusting in here. May be a little information concerning your health and knowledge. Have you ever notice what color is your stool? Does it changes everyday? How about the texture? Stool implicates what and how your body is doing. It’s a sign that tells you what is happening inside your body.

A healthy stool is most commonly brown in color. The color of human stool will vary depending on our diet, defecation frequency, bile production, and state-of-health. Most shades of brown and green feces could be considered normal. Bile is a yellow-green fluid produced in the liver and stored in the gallbladder that helps digest fats. As bile travels through the digestive tract, it is altered by digestive enzymes and the green pigments are changed to brown.

Check out what color is your stool.


Possible Cause


Generally considered normal. Multiple shades of brown can be seen in the same bowel movement. This is due to enzyme actions on bile.


Generally considered normal. Increased consumption of green leafy vegetables and green plant powders frequently causes green colored feces. Certain food colorings and iron supplements can also cause green colored feces.


Bleeding in the upper gastrointestinal tract can be a cause of black, or tarry, feces. Other possible causes can be ingestion of iron supplements, bismuth subsalicylate (Kaopectate, Pepto-Bismol), or black licorice.


A decreased ability to absorb fats in the diet can lead to yellow colored feces. Infections with certain intestinal parasites can lead to this decreased absorption.

Bright Red

Bright red blood in the stool can be caused by bleeding in the lower intestinal tract (colon, rectum, or anus). Most often this bleeding is caused by hemorrhoids and tears in the rectum. Red feces can also be caused by the consumption of red food colorings, beets, cranberries, and tomato products.

White or Clay

This is generally an indication of decreased bile in the feces. This can be caused by some medications, hepatitis, or bile duct obstructions.

So if you do find that your color is a bit different, it’s best that you seek for medical advice. Just incase you are doing detoxifying or colon cleansing, colors and texture of stools might vary from day to day. Medication and food intake can cause of color changes too.

Some might say, I might be too heaty as the Chinese would say so I got this weird color of stool and this badly foul smell. Bear in mind, if it is only for a day or two is normal but if the symptom persists its way to freaky.

How do I come up with this? Well I have been changing my diet plan by adding freshly squeeze juice drinking before my meals. It has got my attention that my stuff have been changing texture and colors. I am not going to describe it here. Stay healthy!

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