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Monday, August 24, 2009

It's about movie

I have been watching movies at home. The increasing numbers of people diagnosed with H1N1 has discouraged me from visiting the cinemas. Hence I can only relish the movies in my bedroom, utilizing the small old 32 inch screen with not much of a surround sound TV. So here I am going to give you ideas and comments of the movie that I have watched lately.

I have watched B13, not a fan to this movie. It’s in French, slept half way through the movie.

Tsotsi an African film won the Grammy award for the International movie. The movie didn’t give me a good impression either I almost slept through the movie too. I guess I am getting old for movies.

Unborn is a horror movie involving a dead twin’s ghost who wants to be born. It’s not my cup of tea. I find the movie very endured and dull. No scary and startled scene. It is kinda like the old vintage ghost movies. Boring!

Awake, an old movie by Jessica Alba. Do you know then when one person is under anesthetic on an operation table, there is a chance where you might not be completely put to sleep? Your body is totally dead but your mind is still awake. You can hear all the procedure and operation while lying on the cold metal table. So this patient is undergoing his operation, with his mind still awake. This is where the secrets reveal.

Friday the 13, Jason comes to live to kill. A movie to kill your time, the synopsis of the movie is simply predictable. If you have watch House of Wax, Urban legend, you can block out this movie. Well may be a few naked blond scenes you might want to take a peep.

My movie of the month will be 7 Pounds. It is tremendously reckon as this is the best movie of all and it was not out shown in the cinema. I do think every individual should watch this. Will Smith, the main actor who wants to make redemption himself to help 7 strangers who need help. I am not going to mention the reasons behind all this. It is an awesome movie; Will Smith himself is so great in the movie. I am so into him right now. An emotional touching movie you wouldn’t want to miss.

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