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Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Merdeka to fellow Malaysian!

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Happy Merdeka Malaysia!

Today might be just another rest day for others, whilst for some individuals and veterans find this is one hell of a special day for they have fought for Malaysians. Younger generation might not acknowledge the meaning of Independence Day. Freedom they say. So what freedom do they have in mind? Perhaps they demand parents to stop judging and controlling per se.

Do Malaysians take things for granted then? Does your parents and school teacher really explains and describe to you what does Merdeka means? It’s not just reading from your History text book about how Tunku Abdul Rahman who cried out Merdeka 7 times on 31 August 1957 then declared a public holidays for the rest of the years.

All those years in high school, we kept on reminding ourselves the date of our county’s Independence Day. During my school days, the simplest thing that I ever remembered and understand the reason behind Merdeka is a day we are free from foreigner invasion. I am sure adolescents today have the same idea.

Do you remember how to sing the song Setia? Demi Negara yang tercinta…..

It has been years since it last aired on TV, while Michael Jackson’s song broadcast more frequent than our national anthem Negaraku. Don’t you think? I do know some who has totally forgotten our National Anthem’s lyric. MTV music has invaded our national TV.

What ever it is, how faithful or patriotic you are, we have come all the way to 52 years of Merdeka so Happy Merdeka to the Peninsular Malaysian and Happy Holidays to the East Malaysian!

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