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Sunday, August 16, 2009

My boss...TOBY

Toby’s neck dermatitis is getting better after counter check up. My pocket is drying up as well. His dermatitis starts to heal only when he wears the E- collar. Whenever I take off the collar, you will see him doing his yoga; he will start his yoga licking and started to scratch excoriation like no one’s business. What I don’t like about this E- collar is, when Toby wears it he will hide him self at the corner of the house. Not moving at all. I know he hates the collar. He will become active once the collar is off his neck..

Few weeks ago, after he had his dermatitis problem, he started to play and sleep with my dogs. The eldritch attitude of his got me concern. He usually drinks at his bowl now he is drinking from the dog’s water container. He groom him self too much and has causes hair loss and rashes. It’s a good thing to see that he plays and sleep with the dog but I feel uneasy seeing all this. This is SO not him.

I asked my vets. To my amaze, I was told Toby is depressed and might have psychology stress. I am not sure what he has in mind but his attitude got my nerve. Does he think I am a bad mom?

He thinks he is a dog? Or am I neglecting him? The funny part is does he need a cat talking psychiatrist?

All this while, Toby is the boss at home. He owns me! He is my master I am the servant. I have to keep his litter clean, feed him. I have to ask him if I am allowed to groom him. I have to be qui vive if he is in the good mood for any activity. I have to meticulous what I have prepared for his meal. He only eats cheese cake, strawberry yoghurt, Tai Thong moon cake and McD’s nuggets for dessert. He only eats lavish exquisite food, he is fastidious and persnickety. What ever it is, I am a loyal servant. I will serve him till the end either his or my life. I do think I need a psychiatrist too. LOL…

Please advice if there is real a cat shrinks out there. I love my master. He needs to be happy!

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