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Thursday, August 13, 2009

In love with Canon EOS500D

EOS_500D_FSL_w_EF_S_18_55mm_ISImage by Christian Ulf Petzold via Flickr

I am so in love with Canon EOS 500D lately. I am deeply and madly in love. Well, it is pricey. *Sigh Praying hard that it will fall on to my hands one day. *Yohoooo* with echo... I hope you will hear my prayers hahaha... I am not sure how I got infected and affected with SLR cameras mania but it really caught my attention. The features the function, it's just simply awesome.

Well at the mean time I would just love to get hold on a second hand used SLR camera for me to practise as a beginner. Mind me if you guys out there have one to offer me a good deal.

Errr, yes I am still busy editing and learning to edit pictures.

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  1. i heart this camera and i heart it a lot too!!!

    in few more years time, i am going to have one!!!

  2. ai wei sell me ur old ones by when u own eso500d .. wakakaka


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