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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

And the winner is .....

I checked my email frequently. Its already end of the month. I have yet to receive any email or call. Heart beats faster than ever. When are they going to call? It’s already time! My phone is still in good shape so shouldn’t be a problem. for it to receive calls. Or may be Digi is upgrading their services?

While checking my email, out of no where Air Asia sends me an email stated Congratulation Quest For Gold Winners!

Hastily, I clicked on that particular email. I read

“Dear Catherine Khor,” and those are the only three words I saw. Heart beats faster. I can’t wait to see all the content. Suddenly, my cursor was no where to be found, my lap top hanged and my line got disconnected.

Super KNN ! I exclaimed. Why does this always have to happen when I am in a rush?

Then my page starts to load again in a very very extremely slow motion. I jumped up and down. Why is it so slow? I was impatient.

Finally I saw the word. “See if you are the 10 lucky winners and the result for the Air Asia quest for gold has the out come.

“The winners for the competition are ……..

KNN ! Where is my name ???? I looked at all the name one by one if it has misspelled or something. Where the heck is my name? *Sigh it was a sad and grim moment. I was speechless. I lost the fun now! All the effort and the cuckoo while clicking the token for months, every 3 hours a day has brought me nothing. Not even consolation prize how about a Koala’s pen or a kilo of kangaroo meat?

*Sigh … where’s me lady luck? Gone to pang sai liao ah ? What ever lah hai...

Congratulations to the lucky winners!!! Lucky Bastards!


  1. eh, i thought u dapat liao lerr.. adui.. so kesian.. where ur lucky star gone harr?
    mungkin salah lu nampak kot.. ada name mu mungkin tu.. haha

  2. dont want to mention it ler. ccp betui . wakakakaka

  3. NVM... next time cuba lagi.. :-)

  4. yes try try again ..will inform u once there is... both of us should have won hahha


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