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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Me with the special guest

I remember when one of my friends tells me about her dream to become Samantha Brown. I giggled and told her that I want to be Ian Wright from the Globe Trekker as care free as I can be a travel around the world with no boundaries. We are both really a fanatic for almost every host in Discovery Channel’s Travel and Living. We are insanely crazy desires to meet every host in Travel and Living. Well chances are way real low to meet one of them. Time pass and bla bla…The next thing I know, I am dining with Ian Wright!

That special night happened on the 22nd of April 2010. The excitement and edginess started a day before. I am going to meet my traveler idol! The event starts at 7pm and we were hold up by an awful traffic jam. I am supposed to reach at the venue less than 10 minutes from my house and yet I got delayed. I reached at 7.30pm I end up sitting quite far from the stage where Ian will be the hosting a little talk on it. :S

 This is how far I am away from the stage. Sigh....

 I was served with Mojito's. I can't have enough of it. It's been awhile since I make my own cup. So I had a lot that night.
 Ian came out and starts to share about his experience in the world some least visited place.  Out of Bounds will be premiers in May 20th at 9 pm Channel 707.

When he is sharing his experiences, the guest were served with the food from where Ian has been.

 For appetizer we had Syrian Babagnoush  with Lebanese bread.I didn't get to capture the pictures as its like pita bread but more tasty .. hehhee This is what the meals look like.

For starter
Okinawa Chiken Yakitori

 Sri Lankan Dry Fried Shrimp


 Siberian Borscht Soup


 Cuban Pulled Beef

 Venezuelan Pan Fried Fish with Peppers


 Sri Lankan Pilaff Rice
 Siberian Cheremsha Spring Onion Salad

 Okinawa Cucumber Wakame Salad

 Cuban Black Beans

 Venezuelan Pasticho of Eggplant

 All served. We got to taste every bit of it except for main course. The advantage of sitting that far from the stage is we can have all the food as not many people were sitting behind where I sat .
I volunteer up to play games on stage.

 I am good in guessing games! I can solve it in 7 seconds. That I didn't know about it hahaha....

 Our Team won!!!!
 At the end of the game, we took some pictures and i return back to my sit continue with my desserts.


 Syrian Blaklava, Okinawa Green Tea Truffles, Siberian Sweet Blinis.

 Among all the gifts that i got I love this one very much!
 At the end of the night I took Pictures with Ian and had him sign an autograph for me! This is the one night, once in a life time experience that is not going to be forget. Hope to meet him soon! or may be other host from Discovery!!!!

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  1. Ooh the wakame salad appeals to me most :))
    Now i'm hungry hehe.

    I'd love to have Samantha's job touring Europe!


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