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Sunday, May 09, 2010

While back in Sabah.

I went back to Sabah a week before I started my job. According to Chinese custom, we have to offer prayers and food for the deceased every 7th day of the week till 49th week when a person deceased . I was back for my dad’s 100th day the other day. While on my way back from KL, I met my dad’s good old friend on the plane. Seeing him is like having dad around. I always meet dad’s friend when they drop by at our house for tea or coffee and supper. Unintentionally my tears will roll whenever the plane touches down Tawau airport. I hate and love Tawau at the same time! Uncle Chia was there the next day when we siblings were at dad’s altar. I am truly touched that he was there for dad.

On the way to airport

The very next day I fly to Kota Kinabalu to visit my aunts and friend. It was an exciting and a joyful journey. Rachel accompanied me to “ kepo” around. We get to see the very new born baby and we were given the best hospitality by friends and family. The whole thing was truly emotional. What’s best I don’t have the word hungry in my dictionary. :P

Fifi brought me around to Tanjung Aru, tasting Peking Duck. Can we go there again Fifi?
Too bad I didn’t get the chance of taking photos with Isaac and the duck!

I did manage to snap few photos while outing with aunt.

Dragon Fruit Juice

Jelly Fish Kerabu

Avocado Juice. (only in Borneo)

As for the photos below, Me and Rachel were flying off to different destination. She went back to Tawau while I am off to KL after the trip. We were separated by this awful thick glass. It 's like sound proof so we used sms to chat over the mirror. Looks like prisoner to me.

Read my hand signal and lips!!!

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  1. sure can bah.. next time i order 'Whole' duck for u ya.. hehehe.. Im happy to meet u too.. it broughts bek so many memories.. luv u :)


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