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Thursday, April 08, 2010

I need an answer.

I had spent the most impulsive, heartbreaking, and indifferent thoughts in the early of this year. I have started my new year by canceling my flights to the Philippines then moaning for the death. It’s eerie. Life is beyond doubt unpredictable and unexplainable.

I am not sure if I want to say that if I am fortunate. If I am to judge against my life with my younger brother, I know I am way lucky than he is. Life treats him unfair. He is too young to suffer the consequences. What in actual fact happened in his before life that causes all this? But if I am to judge his life against some who suffers most. He is beyond doubt luckier than they are. Our lives are way too unfair to compete and to judge to each other. Why does it happen?  Shouldn’t it all be fair? Doesn’t god forgives ?

It’s just crazy when every now and then I can’t sleep thinking of all those eerie stuff in my head. What is there in the after life? Am I really going to meet those deceased? Are those dreams for real? If only gods know why.

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  1. Open up ur heart and mind and U will find the answer from time to time....all the questions in ur head will reveal to you if u open to them.Dead is not the end of someone life but just a begining...


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