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Saturday, April 03, 2010

3 weeks

I am so super duper lazy to write. And I have just found out that Michael Scofield died in the end of the season. What a total waste. He is too gorgeous to die! I love his blue eyes. Wonder if I can have baby with blue eyes. Hahah…. Some one wakes me up, unless my other half is not Chinese and is someone with blue eyes. I know I talk silly here….

I have passed the 3 busiest weeks ever. I sleep like more than 12 hours a day. What’s weird is I do find the day light ceases real fast these days. (Coz I wake up in the late noon.) :S

I was in Singapore for 3 times in 2 weeks time. One day visit to Bukit Tinggi and Elephant Sanctuary. Day by day friends and family visits and gather. Oh I love visits and “makan” with all of them. I enjoy each and everyone’s companion. Family and friends who I have been with lately, there is one request I got to state here; when I die I do hope that you guys would come and see the last me on my funeral. I am asking this for real remember this.

I never realized that I can cook real good omelet. I never cook at home. Hubby does the cooking all this while. I am just the dish washer. I was free and hungry one day. Explore my fridge. To my dismay I only found eggs, left over cheese and luncheon meat. Sorry, Maggie is my last resort k. Mind boggling, I beat the eggs, fried it .. add lots of cheese and meat folded it. Voila… Omelet..I tried one small piece. Worried it will be too awful I might want to trash it. Fuyoh … super sedap le. Better than the 5 star hotel chef in Bangkok. I my self can’t believe I can cook nice food haha.. I have not cook like for years. Hubby loves it too! I can’t reveal too much or else I have to prepare dinner everyday. Imagine this kind of wife… hahahaa….


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