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Friday, February 26, 2010

Simply food!

I  am distracting my self every single minute. So just let me be ..

Don’t ask why! 

While in UK….

london 048

London – Ham ciabatta for snacks

london 102  london 101

London – Crispy Duck Wrapping ,for Appetizer. I think the main course is in another camera.

 london 239

Borough Market – Spanish Rice

 london 229

Borough Market – Chicken Wrap

 london 230

Borough Market – Thai Green Curry ( not by Thais)

 london 233

Borough Market – Arrays of seafood

 london 236

Borough Market –Hot Dog!

 london 237

Borough Market – Assorted cakes.

 london 238

Borough Market – Apple strudels

 london 318

Land of the Fish and Chips – You got to have a try !

 london 312

My all time favorite Hot Chocolate with marshmallow!

 london 316 london 317

The medium rare steaks.  I will never feel remorse of…

 london 423 london 424

Brighton – A Chinese restaurant with Malaysian cook. Fresh scallops for everyone!

 london 425 london 427

Brighton – Its good to have Malaysian food abroad.


 london 491

Nation – Fast food at Quick.

 london 493london 494

St Germain - Seafood, Seafood……..

 london 495

St. Germain – Langoustine and Foie Gras. View out side the shop.

 london 496

St Germain – Taken out side a French bakery. Went back the same shop for the few days. It was away from our hotel miles away.

 london 508

Our take away from every shop that we went.Totally forgotten to snap the picture of croissant and baguette.

 london 608

Notre Dame – Grilled chicken, Omelet, Onion Soup and Burger. That is a cup of Cappuccino.

 london 660 london 661

Eiffel Tower – I like the way they prepare my hot chocolate. by looking at it, it is simply irresistible.

london 662

Me and my cuppa.

 london 691

Boulevard – My cousin is obsessed with Burger. So for sure burger is always on the dining table. Aunt only takes fish and chicken. Yes another grill chicken on the table. Mushroom soup on the other side and pasta is for me.

 london 694london 692

Boulevard – The bar and cafe ambience in Paris which kinda look the same. Small and narrow.


 london 724 london 725 london 727

Champ Elysee . In Virgin– Risoto for me , Fish for aunt, omellete for cousin, Burger picture was not taken.

london 783

Guess what this is ?

 london 786

French fine dinning in St Germain.

 london 787 london 789

Escargot. The utensils above was to hold escargot.

 london 790

That is one thin slice of foie gras.

 london 794

Seafood platter for one person. Imagine that.

 london 799

look carefully. There is one small crab underneath it. Look how fresh it is.

 london 800

Veil coffee. If I am correct.

 london 801

Le trout.

 london 839

Heathrow - Another chicken , mashed potatoes with chicken and gravy, French thingy.

london 841

Heathrow - gravy seafood soup

 london 840

Heathrow – Potato and lamb.

 london 824

Heathrow – Pasta with spinach.

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  1. OMG? these are really nice pictures of seafood! i no time to read also i am captivated by... the O_O food pics..


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