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Friday, May 25, 2007

The husband and wife.

Liam 2 months old Faye's 2 months old pic.
Smart, doesn't really eat much, has dark panda eyes, cries a lot, pee alot, unbelivably toilet train at very young age except the poo ( he sill eats its poo! ), loves to chase and sniff Faye's titties, not afraid of anything even when I punish him, loves to jump off my couch and high places (amazing crazy mutt), sleeps in the living room (to avoid poo and pee).
Fat, Loves to eat, pretty and clean, loves mommy very much, loves to chase Toby, hates when I blow her eyes, scares of vacuum cleaner, scares of punishment, very 'Kia-si", loves to see me nearby the fridge, tail wags when my mouth is munching, sleeps with mommy in the warm bed.

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