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Friday, May 04, 2007

Hate the streets

The street plan and arrangement in Tawau are so disorganized! What’s with the narrow road and the big five footer in the middle of the road? What’s with the traffic jam in a tiny little town? There’s even an “American Drive” where cars are driven in an opposite direction on the road. It’s against the laws! It’s obscure!

This has started few years ago. (O_O”)

Tawau used to be a traffic- jam- free town with broad roads. NOW? It’s STUPID! There is no appropriate planning. "Those fella" are too busy to do any surveys and investigation before the changes. Ridiculous!

The broad road has become a narrow road.
The ample parking around the town area has become lots of high-five footer.
Round about are everywhere in the town area.
Ample of exits and entrance are blocked.
Traffic lights are not in a right order and it’s confusing.

This is not the right way to develop a town. It’s not growing or developing. After years of propaganda and banners of stating town development, this is all we get? Think again!

Pothole in the middle of a road.
Sand and sticks are used as warning signs.
No action taken after months.

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