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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Assign seat numbers!!!!!

Is it that hustle for some airline companies to print seat numbers or assemble seat numbers (for passengers) on the air ticket? I believe that no one really reads the small fonts description at the end of an air ticket. Why not print seat number instead?

It’s a Visit Malaysia year. We shouldn’t be showing our discourtesy. Passengers are irked to queue in front of the gate waiting for the boarding time to be announced. Observe the queuing passengers. No not the word queuing. It’s a mad scramble and pushing against each other to get to frontage of the gate, to be the first person to board the plane. While the airline employees shouting, “Please queue. This is not (this is that) flight this is a (location) flight.” It’s a repulsive scene.

It’s a waste of time in boarding a plane when a passenger is searching for their desire seats (when no numbers assign) on the plane. Other passengers will tend to do the same. Passengers will not fill up the empty seats beside a stranger. Lone ranger tends to sit alone on the 3 seats and placing bags on the empty seats. Couples or small group friends won’t be able to sit together if they are behind the crowd. Etc ..

It’s all about good services. Prices and rates should not be used to compare services. Make it the best service not better!

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