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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Life at home

Exellence Holidays punya tauke lari diri..... So shocked to hear that.... Big company some more!
Faye pigi groom again .... Toby have to wait for his coat to be longer.
I pigi perm my hair today ...... Sista's hair dah straighten.
Bro finishes my kaya ball without asking my permision ... No fun!
Huey's graduate pic is still hanging infront of me ... (*_*)
Wayne visited me .... wah panjang besar liao... He will be going to his grandma's house in Kuching on 11 May 2007.
Saw my old car .. what a coincidence. And a guy is driving it..... Still RED.
Saw the ex's car. Didn't really notice the driver though...Might be the mother.
Jeri, the big balls white rat passed away peacefully yesterday. Cause of death ? Heart attack kuar... so big .... R.I.P. Sista and I will be back on his 7th day of death .. His soul might be back on that day .. (-_-") eeerrieeee......
Grandma got a new hand bag from her son-in-law which she adores it so much. Better don't touch it ....
Won abit in Mahjong. Everyone get to have their own cup of bubble teas at home.
Visited new home ... renovating...
Online and Channel 77 at home.
A cat pooed infront of sista's home again.
Will update the above with photos once I get back to my cozy home. hehehhe........ Bro pc .. what to do ler.

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