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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Where I've gone?

Hao and grandma has gone back to Tawau. The cry baby misses me and I have to answer his phone call few times a day.

During the week days, I have to take care and train Liam, toilet train of coz. Guess training male dog ain't easy. Toby's dermatitis due to ear mites is getting better. Liam's and Faye's running nose has return. Been up to the vets couples of times.The terrible weather has affect dogs health in KL. It's best to quarantine the dogs indoor at the moment. Stay away from pets shop and grooming center to avoid the virus from spreading.

As for my weekends, went to Cameron Highlands lately with siblings and friends . Jamed all the way up there and back to KL. Unbelievably met aunt Gek Ling and family there. Its been a while I did not visit her ....errmmmm.... since my wedding I guess. haha.... Terrible me. She has been busy as well. I love the weather. Can't imagine walking in a crowded pasar malam without sweating. Darn nice!

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