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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Off day

Twice a month I get me day off work. Do I appreciate my day off? Definitely! I am chasing my time actually. There are so much to do within 24 hours.  I wana eat , shop , massage, facial, spa.. at the end non of these chores ever been done.

Due to my stupid on and off flu which has been prolonging a week, I took my day off real slow.  The night before me day off, I did some house chores, cleaning, mopping, dusting, laundry till 3 am in the morning. My house has never been that clean, since I started to work in this company. No spare time to bath or groom my pets, all i do was daily thorough sweep and mop on the floor. No meticulous cleaning till I have spare time.

The house next door were doing their refurbishment. Disturbed my  sleep so I woke up at 12 pm. Again another round of laundry  did a bit of cleaning of this and that. Woke sis up drag her to KLCC to have Chili’s. Fulamak'.. once I drove out Sg Besi, I felt like fainting. My flu , the bumper to bumper traffic jam is killing me. Road block and shit..

Lunch was not too bad. We sat at the bar had Fajitas and Pina Chilada then wander around I bought me self a camera and I redeemed my 2010 Starbucks planner which I have been longing. You think I have great day ? You haven’t heard of my second half day then.

4.30 pm. Out side KLCC , cars are crawling again I was was stuck in the jam.  Due to PC fair, many geeks are like carrying their fine new lap tops on their shoulder showing off awhile ago in KLCC.

I thought I was going to take hours to reach home by then. Took a short cut and reached home within 20minutes. Am I lucky or what? As i reached home, Kent and I has all set to go to Pavillion. We had dinner in Ichi Ban Boshi. The best thing was I get to get free foods from the redeemed coupon which we have been stamping for so long. We were kinda excited about the food. One set of bento with soups and green tea ice cream. A box of terriyaki chicken, california rolls, and more. And I have that for breakfast this morning.

So we wander around, in Pavillion took some pictures waited for the Adidas countdown to collect some goodie bags at the main entrance. Free Cola for launching the new Adidas football for the coming World Cup. Oh I did to catch a glimpse of Henry Golding and Phat Phabes at the Puma new product launching. Henry is so gorgeous! I didn stay for the after party. Kent and I head back home. Have to sleep kau kau  for the very next day ….. I just hate going to work.


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