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Friday, December 25, 2009

Shabu One

Great news for supper kaki and steamboat lovers. Shabu One now in the midst of promotion till 31 Dec 2009. Buy a member card and the whole group of ‘makaners’ get a discounted price at RM16.80++ per person. Not sure bout the shop’s opening hour but it closes at 1 am. Their last call is at 12 am.

They have various types of mollusks, Taiwanese dishes, noodles, fish balls (various filling), desserts, etc.. the thing is they only serve chinese tea for beverage. So check out with your bff out there.

Located in 3rd Floor Lot 10 opposite Isetan.

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  1. wahhh.. so cheap ehh... bring me there eh :)

  2. Wah looks good.. next time we go Ok ?

  3. ok ok no problem. Alice long time no c liao. I want to meet u !!!!

  4. u dun 1 2 meet me meh?? Uhhh..uhhh.. :(

  5. fifi of coz wanna meet la. meet during CNY k . i am going back on the 19th feb.


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