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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

“ – as easy as 1,2,3!”

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I can still remember 20 years ago how my dad use to book our air tickets in advance for months before departure dates, intended for the family flying from Tawau back to our good all home town in Penang. He has to queue in the Malaysia Airlines office for hours just to take hold of those tickets Traveling at those time were hectic and exhausted. Not to mention there weren’t any connecting flights at that time. We have to stop at almost every state in the country just to go back to Penang. Flying was fun but when retrieving the process I was like ughhhh…I am not going to go through all of that again.….

Progressively MAS has gradually improved and enhanced their quality of service and products ever since then. By then Malaysia Airline has increased their frequent flight both domestically in Sabah and to the West Malaysia, MAS has also successfully made KLIA the world re-known International Airport and the most majestic thing of all MAS as the best airline in the world and having the best cabin crew in the world.

With the internet and conveniences of computers, subsequently MAS started to have their own home page where with the magic of our index fingers by just clicking the mouse we are easily allow to book and purchase air flight tickets online. At that very moment we can print out the E- Tickets. That is where the era starts; there will be no more hustle and bustle getting trouble to stuck in some sort of traffic congestion just to travel to some travel agents or to Malaysia Airlines office to buy our tickets.

Today year 2009, MAS has even enhanced significantly on their service and products by introducing their latest technology on our daily use, mobile phone. Flymas mobile booking engine is as easy as 1-2-3. I am sure every mobile phone user knows how to access on it. Simply log on to on your mobile, has all the enhanced features on the small screen on your phone! Besides booking and purchasing flight tickets, we are now able to check in before for our flights depart. Once more we have avoided another queue in the airport. even has that special feature for us to check our flight status, time table and our bookings. Not only have the basics of booking aired tickets features, we are able to select seats when purchasing our air tickets. You might want to get more comfy on your favorite seats when you buy an air ticket.

If you are frequent flyers, you would definitely love the new enhanced booking engine from, you are able to plan your itinerary and get hold of MAS great best deals! There is no greater news other than being the first person to know that special offer MAS tickets on your mobile phone. Can’t live without Facebook? As spoken, you can even connect your itinerary via Facebook! It’s the most amazing tool ever.

Now everything is just a click away, it’s ridiculously easy. Plan to fly? Take out your mobile phone from your pocket. Key in search for your destination. Click and you are ready to fly! Nothing is more convenience that this. trust me you'll love it.

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