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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What about my year 2009?

Positively, I am happy that I am a year older, safe and sound as I am still alive and by all means I am still growing horizontally. Hahaha Yes another year wasted of nothing being accomplished. I am soon stepping into the eerie 30. Ouch! Time truly flies awfully fast. In a blink of an eye NO! NO! Few extra blinks of an eye a day passed then weeks, months and years.

I am not a mom yet. I am up to no obligation or anything so far. I love my mere life. I doubt why I don’t have such plan or resolution ahead?

Facing ups and downs are the nature of life. Well we do get rain and storm sometimes don’t we? Nothing is perfectly arranged or decided. So what is life?

My grandma passed away a month ago while great 4th grand uncle passed away early of this month, dad’s favorite uncle cause of death, internal bleeding. What shaken me was we had dinner a month ago discussing and arranging a trip to Sabah next year. A healthy man who took precaution of his food intake in every single meal died due to internal bleeding. Life is funny aint it? And all this while he thought he might die of stroke or heart attack! Grandma died in MRI machine and who knows how many dose of sedative was she jabbed with? Another funny and sad story isn’t it?

Let’s go to the good news. Let by gone be by gone. I don’t want my tears starts to roll.

I miss and love being with my family. I am glad that dad and brothers got the time to stop by for family reunion yesterday. I love the warmth feeling with the whole family. One word to describe it AWESOME! Being together in the family is truly an indescribable feeling. Their thoughts of care and love really give you the strength and encouragement to live in this humanity. You know when you get the feeling of an awful day or when you want to like just shut your self? This is where and when the family steps in and gives you the wisdom word of love. Chinese New year was the best part ever this year. Family flies over from KK, KL and Penang just for the reunion. Chinese New Year was never this merry in Tawau!

Early of the year, I participated in Air Asia’s fly to Australia contest. Well I didn’t manage to win even though I did collect the full sets of token. Some idiots won.*Sigh*. What I like most about the contest is the unity among my friends and family. We took care of each other by bartering and sharing our tokens every day, every 3 hours per day. We care for each other worrying who has got the least token and trying our best to get even. I love to thank those who simply registered just for me for the sake of getting me a token. That was at the early of this year, by early of November, I was told as the winner of Krispy Kreme’s contest. Again without the voters vote, I might not be the winner. Thanks to the supporters again. At least this is one of the happiest highlight of the year 2009. I am still waiting eagerly for their public announcement for the winners in early of next Jan. A week ago I got a second place in a History Channel Contest and got my self a set of DK travelers. So kinda not bad la.

I got my self a tattoo which I am swollen with pride of and well I can only admire it in front of the mirror. Well I guess I won’t have the possibility to hate my tattoo then since it is somewhere secluded. Yes dad knows about it. Hiding from him makes me guilty so dad has got to know to ease my guiltiness. I know I am mischievous.

Pedro has finally got his “license” to sleep in the bedroom with Kent and me. He has passed his toilet train. Pedro loves to wake Kent up in the wee morning for his early pee pee which is kinda annoying.

That is what my mere life is about. I do find my 2009 life is much more solemn than the years before. I am neither country nor politics. I ain’t no celebrity I ain’t no Tiger Woods. I don’t plan to adopt babies from other countries. I don’t get no awards in front of the stage. I won’t shave my head like Britney. I got no concert to cancel or sex tape to pass around. And there goes another year of my mere life …

Life is way too short not to celebrate it. Live like your dying everyday. You will know what I mean. Wishing you guys HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010! Best Wishes and Lots of Luck!

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  1. Happy new year darling.. wish u all the good things goes to u ya.. everyday hepi hepi


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